Reliability Testing Laboratory

specialised in electrical contacts


Predictive reliability testing

Testing the reliability and durability of your products is complicated. 
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Our core business : electrical contacts

Located in Alsace on the Swiss and German borders, our laboratory has been working with manufacturers and retailers for over 23 years on pre-market product validation projects, reliability issues and R&D developments.

We base our connector expertise on solid experience in multiphysics simulation, versatile in-house skills and advanced techniques.

As an independent and impartial testing laboratory, we have a full range of high-performance equipment (Scanning Electron Microscope, vibrating pots, micro-cut detection system, etc.), giving us a high degree of autonomy in all our testing campaigns.

Our fields of expertise

Services provided in our Alsace laboratory


Reliability tests

Vibrations, mechanical shocks,
slow motion, climatic accelerated aging,
heating tests…


Physical tests

Climatic testing, corrosion, mechanical endurance, EMC, electrical wear, photometry, contact resistance…

Investigation tests & interface expertise

Scanning electron microscope, infrared microscopy, optical microscopy, surface topography…

Software simulation

Mechanical, electrical, thermal, lon-linear, magneting coupling… Dès la phase de conception produit… Right from the product design phase.

Design of tailor-made test benches

Fatigue test bench, electrical fatigue test bench, degraded mode and liquid thermal shock…

Consulting & Audit

Advice on quality audits, site inspections, ISO 9001 or ISO 17025 standards, QMS improvements…

Our strength: multi-disciplinary skills

Our expertise in electrical contacts gives our laboratory a multi-disciplinary capability to test the endurance of your products and guarantee the reliability and durability of your projects.

For 23 years, Geoconnectics has specialised in connector technology – a cross-disciplinary field that combines all the different aspects of electrical contact physics – and has built up a wide range of test equipment and multi-disciplinary skills. Relying on its expertise in advanced techniques such as the Scanning Electron Microscope and solid experience in multiphysics simulation, our technical team can help you with all your validation projects, reliability issues and R&D developments, thanks to our Research Tax Credit approval and COFRAC certification.

Electrical contact

Reliability and endurance


Materials and coatings

FMCG Sustainability

Software simulation

Design and engineering


Label for Research Tax Credit

COFRAC certification

FMCG sustainability

Fast-moving consumer goods have to meet environmental and safety challenges.

We can carry out durability tests for you and help you to prevent the obsolescence of your industrial products.

Our application sectors










Research Tax Credit

Our R&D activities are recognised by the French Ministry of Tertiary Education and Research. This enables us to offer companies services that are subject to a 30% research tax credit.

COFRAC Certification

Our laboratory is COFRAC accredited according to the EN ISO 17025 standard, covering tests related to our core business: connectors.

Our method

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