Reliability and endurance tests

We test your products and prototypes: behavioural characterisation, performance, endurance and reliability.

Reliability: our core business

Connector, electrotechnical and electronic testing is our core business. When we carry out a test, we assess the limits of a given product so that you can be sure of its reliability. In this way, we can establish the permissible degraded operating modes, right up to irreversible failure. Thanks to the results of these tests, you can more easily convince your partners of the reliability of your product. You can also use them to identify areas for improvement.

We work according to international, European and national standards, as well as to specifications issued by our customers (automotive, aerospace, etc.). We are also COFRAC accredited to ISO 17025 for connector-related tests (scope 1-6763 available on the COFRAC website). Our skills in implementing these tests are therefore recognised. What’s more, accreditation guarantees you reliable results. 

We test your products to guarantee their reliability

What tests can be carried out?

Mechanical tests

From shock studies to fatigue resistance

We offer you a wide range of mechanical tests: vibrations, shocks, micro-drops, etc.

To help you go even further in your search for reliability, we also regularly carry out instrumented or filmed tests using a high-speed camera and a thermal camera.

EMC tests

To guarantee the independence of systems

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) tests we offer today are mainly focused on connectors.

They focus on assessing the specific characteristics of the samples studied, such as transfer impedance, propagation time or ferrite inductance measurement.

Electrotechnical and electronic tests

Because electricity is everywhere

In many fields, such as connector technology, products contain plastic parts.

Their geometry can be a decisive factor in product validation.

The production of plastic parts requires the machining of moulds (sometimes very expensive), which are often difficult to modify.

This is where digital simulation comes into its own, as it can be used to identify problems before prototypes are produced.


How sustainable are your products?

We subject your products to various tests to assess their reliability over time. In particular, we set up accelerated ageing protocols to simulate the effects of time on a product’s characteristics and performance.

The aim is to approximate the operating conditions seen on the product. We can characterise the effects of corrosion using a salt spray test. This makes it possible to determine the level of degradation of materials involved in the quality of electrical current transmission.

Fields of expertise

Geoconnectics’ expertise can be applied to a wide range of fields. Rely on our test laboratory to limit the production costs of a new part, improve the performance of one of your prototypes or validate your products during production.