With its high level of expertise, Geoconnectics brings you cutting-edge, accurate solutions.

Our expertise at your service to understand your problems

Our technical team doesn’t just test your products and present a PASS or FAIL validation result.

Our experts are able to explain the causes of a failure, using state-of-the-art equipment, advanced analysis techniques and all our in-house knowledge.

In this type of service, we are committed to providing you with the most accurate answers. In addition to standardised tests, we develop our own methods to prove our conclusions.

Because problems are often complex, our areas of expertise extend from insulators to conductors.

Thanks to our range of expertise, we can provide you with detailed answers.

Our fields of expertise

Scanning Electron Microscopy

For high-resolution images (and more, if you like)

Popular with companies in the most advanced technical fields, such as aeronautics, nuclear power and pharmaceuticals, this modern, versatile technology can explore matter and reveal all its secrets, however subtle.

Analyse métallographique

Observing microscopic details

Our experts are able to characterise metal corrosion phenomena. Using metallographic sections and microscopy, we can identify and explain these phenomena to assess their impact on performance.

Test benches

Tailor-made solutions

Would you like to carry out a test based on standardised tests? Or evaluate the performance of a product (or prototype) developed in R&D that does not comply with any specific standard?

Our experts are on hand to study your project, your problems and your constraints, and offer you a solution that’s really tailored to your needs.

We design tailor-made test benches for all types of problem. Ask us for advice!

Advanced analytical techniques

For a deeper understanding

Would you like to understand precisely the causes of one or more problems identified by your team?

We offer a number of services, such as infrared thermography, chromatography and surface topography, to highlight any product failures.

Once the causes of these failures have been clearly established, we can inform you of any corrective action you may need to take.

Understanding failures to overcome them more effectively

Our expertise is based on an industrial context. It all starts with a question asked by our customers. They want to understand why their product didn’t pass the test, or why they are encountering seemingly absurd behaviour.

But there are methods and techniques for finding and proving the answers. The task is rarely linear and often involves a degree of uncertainty.

But by combining the different results of analysis, we can confirm hypotheses by providing a convergent body of evidence that provides a clear and concise answer to the initial problem.