As experts, we put our technical know-how at your service, whatever your sector of activity is.

Our specialities

Initially specialised in connectors, our industrial test laboratory has since expanded into a wide range of fields: automotive, aeronautics, etc.

Today, this diversity is our strength!

A broad vision, varied tests, familiar with the challenges of each field…

Our team knows how to adapt to your industrial challenges.

Take advantage of our expertise in a wide range of fields, for a result that meets your expectations.

Areas of activity


Let’s talk about electrons

Connectors have always been our speciality: our laboratory has been built around the problems of this sector since 2001. We offer a full range of services for testing your various interfaces through which electrical current flows.


Many years of experience

As long-standing partners of carmakers, equipment manufacturers and subcontractors, we have extensive experience of the automotive sector. That’s why we have mastered the methods specific to this sector.

Today, we have all the equipment needed to meet the specific needs of our automotive customers.


A commitment to excellence

Thanks to our expertise in connector technology, we regularly work with equipment manufacturers in the aerospace sector. In particular, crimping and connector issues are at the heart of our projects.


Similar issues

In order to offer high-quality products to the general public, we dedicate part of our activity to the retail market. We offer you comprehensive support, from the provision of test benches for supermarkets to the drafting of technical data sheets.

Our aim is to assess the reliability of your products. It’s an approach geared towards satisfying your customers, but also in favour of sustainable development.


Looking for global solutions

As part of our commitment to providing global solutions to industry, we are available to offer our expertise at every stage, from product development to validation.

Geoconnectics supports you in all your projects.

In addition to our core areas of expertise, we have developed complementary skills that enable us to support you whatever your sector of activity. By understanding your challenges and using our wide range of tests, we are able to adapt to your problems.