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Based close to Switzerland and Germany, we are at your service to support your projects.

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Geoconnectics is an industrial testing laboratory specialising in predictive reliability. Located in France on the Swiss and German borders, Geoconnectics has been working with manufacturers and retailers for over 20 years on pre-market product validation projects, reliability issues and R&D developments.

Geoconnectics bases its expertise in connector technology on solid experience in multiphysics simulation, versatile in-house skills and advanced techniques.

As an independent and impartial laboratory, Geoconnectics is equipped with a full range of high-performance test equipment (Scanning Electron Microscope, vibrating pots, micro-cut detection, etc.), giving it considerable autonomy of action.

An eclectic, skilled team

Our laboratory relies on the combination of diverse and complementary skills. Our team is made up of multidisciplinary technicians and engineers specialising in a number of cross-disciplinary fields, so we can offer you high-quality support tailored to all your problems.

Our expertise in electrical contacts means we can offer you a multidisciplinary approach to testing the endurance of your products, whatever your industry: automotive, electronics, railways, aeronautics, space, mechanical engineering or telecoms, as well as retail.

From idea to validation, we are your reliable partner throughout the development of your products.

Renowned for our physical tests (performance, endurance, accelerated fatigue, failures), investigation, qualification, certification, technical assistance and consultancy services, we focus our expertise on connections, electrical, electromagnetic, optical or thermal links and interfaces, and energy or signal transfer.

Why should you choose Geoconnectics ?

Search for excellence

COFRAC certification

The laboratory is COFRAC certified to ISO 17025. The connector industry is at the heart of our scope 1-6763, available on the COFRAC website. This is a flexible scope, which allows us to extend the performance of accredited tests to your own methods.

R&D centre

Innovating to address real problems

To ensure that our day-to-day efficiency is flawless, our R&D department is constantly conducting innovative in-house studies to optimise our investigation and research methods.

As such, we can help you benefit from a Research Tax Credit.

Quality policy

A partner you can trust

Impartiality, independence and integrity: these are the strengths of our laboratory. Independent from the outset, Geoconnectics does not hesitate to take a stand in its interpretations and declarations of conformity. We also guarantee the confidentiality of your tests, from implementation to results.

Research Tax Credit

Our R&D activities are recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research. This enables us to offer French companies services that are subject to a 30% research tax credit.

COFRAC certification

Our laboratory is COFRAC accredited to EN ISO 17025, covering tests related to our core business: connectors.

A full range of high-performance machinery


Traction machine

Climatic chamber

Slow motion


Optical microscope

Test benches

Silent room

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